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Inflating smiles

Inflating smiles
“A once in a lifetime experience.” That is how two soldiers described their most recent deployment. Sergeant Terrence Bligh, Defence Force Recruiting Parramatta, and Corporal Chris Causby, Defence Force Recruiting Perth, participated in Exercise Arnhem Drifter from July 28 to August 31, 2011.

Originally published in Army News on September 15, 2011.

Arnhem Drifter is an Australian Defence Force initiative which brings aviation to young Australians in remote communities. It gives them the opportunity to experience the magic of flight.

The Air Force hot air balloon travelled 14,000km through remote Australian locations, including Arnhem Land, the Kimberley Ranges and Central Australia.

During the exercise, both Sergeant Bligh and Corporal Causby participated as crew members as well as recruiting and careers counsellors.

Sergeant Bligh also acted as the indigenous liaison member.

“I speak four different dialects, so engaging with the elders and the kids was great.” Sergeant Bligh said.

“It was a great chance to offer information to the students, to engage with them and to present myself as a proud third-generation soldier.”

Sergeant Bligh’s grandfather served in World War Two and his father served in Vietnam.

For Corporal Causby, Balgo was a highlight as he said the children were great.

“Kicking the footy with them was fantastic,” Corporal Causby said. “I really did enjoy the trip.”

By Leading Aircraftsman Bill Solomou

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15 September 2016
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