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Soldiers sharing a meal

Army in Motion

The Chief of Army's strategic documents, including Army’s Contribution to Defence Strategy, Aide for Army’s Teams, Accelerated Warfare, Army in Motion, National Institution Statement and Good Soldiering.
A Ghost Robotics legged robot stands ready with Australian Army soldiers during an autonomous systems showcase at the Majura Training Area, Canberra.

Army Industry Engagement

Army’s Industry Statement describes how Army will work with industry to identify and invest in new Australian industry-led technologies, develop faster acquisition models, secure our supply chains, and deliver land power. Contact army.industry@defence.gov.au for more information.
2nd Commando Regiment on Exercise Talisman Sabre 2019

Army Reserves

Army Reservists serve in a fully-trained military capacity if and when Australia needs them.
Operations and Exercises

Army on Operations

The Australian Army's involvement on Operations and major Exercises here and internationally.
Unrecovered war casualties

Unrecovered War Casualties

Unrecovered War Casualties-Army (UWC-A) is the Australian Army’s unit responsible for finding, recovering and identifying Australian servicemen and women who remain unaccounted for (missing or presumed deceased) from all past conflicts. Click on the below links to find out more about our work and how you can be involved.
Australian Army Research Centre (AARC)

Australian Army Research Centre

The Australian Army Research Centre conducts and facilitates research on the employment and modernisation of the Australian Army, connecting and partnering with other militaries, industry, academia and Government. The centre publishes the Australian Army Journal, the Land Power Forum blog, and the Australian Army Occasional Paper series, as well as running a regular seminar series.
Army's Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships

For many years the Australian Army has worked in close partnership with various Armed Services, governments and organisations in Australia and overseas.
Helicopters landing on ships

Equipment & uniforms

An overview of the Australian Army's Artillery, Aviation, Small Arms, Support Weapons, Surveillance, Vehicles and Uniforms
Australian Army special forces soldiers from 2nd Commando Regiment prepare to board a Sydney ferry from an Army rigid-hulled boat, as part of a Special Operations Command maritime counter-terrorism training activity on Sydney Harbour, on Wednesday, 24 June 2020.

Special Forces

Information on the Australian Army’s Special Operations Command.
Army Transformation

Army’s Transformation

The Army Objective Force is a generational transformation to prepare Army for Accelerated Warfare. 
Through 11 key initiatives, Army seeks to enhance land force capability through a credible close combat system, resilient digital battle command system, world class battlefield aviation program, operational level fires and effects and enhanced joint force projection through littoral manoeuvre.