ServeOn lets you serve on your own terms.

It’s an initiative by Army to re-engage members who are not providing service.

The flexibility within the Total Workforce System allows you to serve with a consistent weekly pattern, block periods of service, or even an inconsistent basis. The way you choose to serve can unlock benefits Army has to offer you.

There are a wide range of specialist and generalist roles available.

Find a role

There are multiple ways you can find available roles that suit your lifestyle.


ServeOn your own terms

Flexible service options are available. Find a solution that fits with your lifestyle and career aspirations.

Understand your benefits

For more information about your benefits and the Total Workforce System have a closer look at the TWS Member Benefits Brochure.

Understanding the Total Workforce System

The Total Workforce System (TWS) allows you to find the Service Category (SERCAT) that best suits your desired pattern of service.

Whether you wish to serve part-time, full-time or casually there is a Service Category (SERCAT) that aligns to the pattern of service that suits your lifestyle.


Permanent member rendering full-time service.


Permanent member rendering temporary part-time service before returning to full-time service.


Part-time member with a regular service pattern other than full-time.


Part-time member who provides specialist skills when required. This particular category is utilised for members who have skills in national demand.


Part-time member who provides service on an irregular basis.


Part-time member who does not render service, has no service obligation, but is liable to call-out. Depending on which SERCAT you are a member of, there are specific benefits that are available to you.

To discuss which SERCAT best suits your lifestyle and which benefits you are eligible for, please complete the Contact form and we’ll be in contact shortly.

Can’t ServeOn due to work?

Cant ServeOn
Cant ServeOn

Whether you work for a business or you are self-employed, there is financial assistance available through the Employer Support Payment Scheme.

If you work as part of the Australian Public Service, you are eligible for five weeks of paid reserve leave per financial year.