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Response to severe weather in Townsville

Response to severe weather in Townsville
In response to the severe weather incidents that occurred in Townsville on 20 March 2012, the Townsville based 3rd Brigade (3 Bde) of the Australian Army will be supplying members to assist Townsville Council and the Queensland Police Service (QPS) to provide immediate clean up to the affected area.

3 Bde has deployed approximately 120 troops into the community in support of the QPS and the Council and will be conducting general clean up to ensure access for and safety of residents in the affected areas. 

“We are maintaining close liaison with the lead authorities and are prepared to provide support to emergency services as required,” said Brigadier Shane Caughey, Commander of 3 Bde. 

Tasks that 3 Bde troops will undertake include debris removal and road clearance to ensure residents can move through the area safely. 

QPS and the Council remain the lead agencies for disaster response to this situation and public should contact them if they require specific assistance. 

“3rd Brigade will remain in support of local and State agencies as we continue to review the situation in coordination with the emergency services,” Brigadier Caughey said. 

“We will provide a commensurate level of support within available resources of the Brigade.” 

Published on 21 March 2012 at 1800 (AEDT).

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