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Australian Army Band Newcastle

Australian Army Band Newcastle
The Australian Army Band Newcastle is an Army reserve band situated in Bullecourt Barracks, Adamstown NSW.

With a short break of service after World War Two, under various names and configurations, the Australian Army Band Newcastle has existed as the Hunter Region’s own military band since 1861. Like all Australian Army bands, the Australian Army Band Newcastle is capable of performing a wide variety of musical styles and genres suited to most occasions.

The band's make up is constructed around a wind ensemble though it also features a Pipes and Drums section making it a very versatile package. The band is primarily made up of Army reserve, or part time musicians. These musicians are members of the local community who, in addition to their normal employment, are employed on a casual basis by the Australian Army. The band is heavily invested in the support and promotion of the Australian Defence Force, whilst striving to develop music and musicians within the Hunter region.

The band's main role is to support and promote the Australian Defence Force units within the Hunter region of NSW, though they are also very active in community development and support. Members of the Australian Army Band Newcastle enjoy the privileges of being an Australian Army musician, a part time job that offers amazing performing opportunities both domestically and internationally.    

To enquire about requesting musical support please email:Newcastle.aab [at]

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22 September 2016
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