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Band of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment

Band of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment
The 1 RAR Band continues to be a highly regarded component of the Australian Defence Force in North Queensland.

Based at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville, The Band of The 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (1 RAR Band) has a long and proud history tracing back to its inception on the island of Moratai in 1945 with the 65th Battalion, 2nd Australian Imperial Forces which would later become the 1st Battalion. 1 RAR Band has since served in all theatres of war with the battalion up until the end of the Vietnam War.

In 1994 the band’s role was changed to “the strategic shaping of Army's public image”. At this time the band was staffed by both musicians and infantrymen until the year 2000 when personnel changed to include only members of the Australian Army Band Corps, and for the first time, the introduction of females into the band and therefore the battalion. Since then the band has completed four successful deployments to Timor Leste and most recently one to the Middle East area of operations.

At home the band is tasked with providing support to both the Defence and civilian communities of North Queensland. When time permits, the band continues to build on strong relationships forged over many years with the various community organisations in the region. Using opportunities to promote Defence in the most positive of ways, the band offers support to worthy charities, festivals and shows throughout the region.

1 RAR Band also provides extensive support to music education programs and schools to increase childrens exposure to live music. Each year the band works tirelessly throughout the primary and secondary school systems performing a modern, high energy show which appeals to a teenage audience. This not only helps to build and develop musical interest in the younger generation, but brings a more human face to what can be perceived as an intimidating organisation.

The band’s variety of ensembles provides support to many organisations and caters for a wide range of musical tastes. These ensembles include a big band, marching band, rock band, jazz group, dixie band, as well as brass and saxophone ensembles.

To request musical support phone (07) 4411 7842.

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22 September 2016
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