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Due to privacy and security issues, it is the policy of the Department of Defence not to release contact details of its employees.  All inquiries should be directed to the National Defence Switchboard on:

        1300 333 362 (from Australia) or

        +61 2 626 59111 (if calling from overseas).

Defence Service Centre

The Defence Service Centre can assist current and former members with:

  • General inquiries
  • Personal administration services
  • Human resources
  • Payroll group certificates
  • Service records
  • Honours and awards.

To contact Defence Service Centre, please call 1800 333 362.

Accessing Defence Information (including service records)

For information relating to:

  • Accessing personal (including service) and health records
  • Employee references
  • Making a eulogy request or
  • Freedom of information inquiries.

Please visit the Accessing Defence Information page.

Army Emblems

All Australian Army emblems are protected by legislation. For information on using Army emblems, visit Protecting Australian Army emblems.

Army Fair Go Hotline

0900 - 1700 hrs AEST/AEDT Mon - Fri (excl Pub Hols in the ACT)

The Army Fair Go Hotline (AFGHL) was established to provide Army members, who believed they had not been given a "fair go" a mechanism to discuss matters which they felt uncomfortable raising with their chain of command.

While the initial focus of the AFGHL was for Army members to raise concerns over bullying and harassment, its charter was widened to accept calls from the partners and families of members and to deal with any matter, including administrative issues where a member feels they have not been treated fairly. 

It is preferable that members raise issues through their chain of command first and seek resolution at the lowest level. However, where this fails or is not appropriate, the Hotline is available regardless of rank and position. The AFGHL will attempt to find a prompt resolution to the matter but it is not an investigative organisation. 

Personnel are not required to advise their chain of command they are using the Hotline and they may remain anonymous if they wish, however anonymity limits the AFGHL to providing advice only. The chain of command is only advised of the call with the express permission of the affected member, or where mandatory reporting requirements require the operator to report the matter. 

Advice provided to people other than the affected member will be limited by privacy requirements. If an individual rings on behalf of another person, the operator can only provide general advice or advice on policy issues. The Privacy Act precludes the provision of information about the person to another without the express written permission from who the caller is concerned about. This can be difficult for a partner or family member to comprehend, however the caller will be requested to encourage the person they are concerned about to ring the AFGHL if specific advice is required.

In summary, the AFGHL is an advice line, it is not:

A. a replacement for the chain of command;

B. a permanent line of communication between the caller and their chain of 

C. a formal investigative organisation;

D. a counselling service;

E. an initiating mechanism for the reporting and actioning of complaints 
including unacceptable behaviour complaints; or 

F. a mechanism for the provision of specific, as opposed to general, advice 
on DFDA matters, legal issues or medical/psychological issues.

Army Jobs

For all recruiting information, call Defence Force Recruiting on 13 19 01 or visit the Defence Jobs website. They can assist with all recruiting inquiries including jobs available in the Australian Army and entry requirements.

For information on lateral transfer opportunities and requirements please see

For work experience opportunities contact the defence.workexperienceprogram [at] (Defence Force Work Experience Program).

Teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18 may also be interested in the Australian Army Cadets.

Army Website

For content issues, including broken links and image requests, within this or any Army website within the domain, contact the ahq-pa.ops [at] (Army Communications Team).

Australian Army Band

The Australian Army Band enhances the public image of Army through community engagement, including support to charitable and philanthropic events and school music education programs. Please contact the [at] (Australian Army Band) for requests to attend events.

Please include as many details as possible, including:

  • Time, date, place
  • Details of the event, including its purpose
  • The support you are seeking
  • Your contact details.

Common Scams

Scammers can claim to be serving with the Australian Army to try to take advantage of members of the public. This information may help you to determine if you are being scammed.

  • Army personnel and their loved ones are not charged money to go on leave, for secure communications, or to get married.
  • Army personnel receive free medical and dental care while serving full time, which covers their medical costs when treated at civilian health care facilities. Family and friends do not need to pay their medical expenses.
  • Military equipment is not used to transport privately owned vehicles.
  • Army personnel do not need to solicit money from the public to feed or house their troops on deployment.

Anyone who contacts you regarding any of these or similar matters may be posing as a member of the Australian Army in order to deceive you. We urge you to immediately cease all contact with the individual and contact your local police and SCAMWatch.

Impersonating a member of the Australian Army is an offence under The Defence Act (1903). Should you wish to pursue the matter, please refer the matter to your local police service.

Defence Support in Film, Television and Other Projects

To request Army support to films, television programs, book and other non-news media, contact Media [at] (Defence Media).

Doing Business with Army

For information on doing business with Defence, including contracting, innovation and tenders, please visit Doing Business with Defence.

Requests for information on unsolicited business proposals can be sent to the cdic [at] (Centre for Defence Industry Capability).

Equipment Disposal

Returning old uniforms or equipment

Issued uniforms and equipment should be returned to your nearest unit, who will dispose of the items in the appropriate manner. The easiest way to find your nearest unit is to call the Defence Switchboard on 1300 333 362.

Military equipment disposal

If you are interested in obtaining ex-military equipment, please refer to the Australian Military Sales Office.

Ex-Army vehicles

Register your interest for ex-Army vehicles directly with Australian Frontline Machinery.

Family Support

For support to deployed personnel and their families, contact the National Welfare Coordination Centre on 1800 801 026. This is free service provided 24 hours a day.

The Defence Community Organisation and the DefenceFamilyHelpline [at] (Defence Family Helpline) (phone 1800 624 608) provide a range of services to ADF personnel and their families.

Helicopter Noise Enquires

Information on upcoming Australian Defence Force activities, including Black Hawk helicopter training exercises, is available from

Please also refer to Defence Aircraft Noise, which contains information on Royal Australian Air Force and Royal Australian Navy activities.


General legal enquiries should be made by emailing DL.General.Enquiries [at] (Defence Legal).  Please contact the Directorate of Litigation for enquires relating to the following legal matters:

  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Responding to Court Orders such as Subpoenas and Summons
  • Coronial Inquests
  • Debt Recovery
  • Compensation Claims
  • Aircraft Noise Complaints.

Medal Entitlements and Applications

For information on the Infantry Combat Badge, Army Combat Badge and Army Remembrance Pin, visit the Army Honours and Awards section of this website.

For information on the Soldiers Medallion for Exemplary Service, please email the army.ceremonial [at] (Army Ceremonial Cell).

For information and applications for all other medals, please visit Defence Honours and Awards.


For Army media enquiries, contact media [at] (Defence Media) on 02 6127 1999 or media [at]

Military History

For Australian Army history, visit the Australian Army History Unit or the Australian War Memorial.

Requests for Army Personnel Visits, Speeches or Displays

Please send your inquiry to your local Joint Operations Support Staff (JOSS) office.

Social Media

For questions about Army's social media channels or Army's involvement in social media, contact the army.socialmedia [at] (Army Social Media Coordinator).

The Australian Army official online channels are:

Supporting Our Soldiers

The best and preferred method for our troops to receive some physical items to remind them of home is for members of the public to make a donation to the RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund. Donations over $2 are tax deductible and every donation is individually acknowledged by the RSL.

Support for our soldiers can be made with postcards to the troops, care packages or supportthetroops [at] (email).

Unauthorised Websites Using Australian Army Branding

The Australian Army is aware of websites using elements of Army's brand to imply that they are official or endorsed. The Australian Army does not produce or provide products for sale to the public. There are a small number of organisations with permission to use the Army's brand on commercial products, including;; and

The Australian Army official online channels are:

Please email reports of false Army Websites to army.brandmanager [at] including the URL and a screenshot of the homepage.

Unexploded Ordnance in Australia

Ammunition which has been fired, but has not gone off, is known as Unexploded Ordnance (UXO).

If you find a suspicious item that may be a UXO:

   1.    DO NOT TOUCH IT!!!. It may have been there for many years and won't hurt you if you don't disturb it. Do not attempt to move the item to a 'safe' location.

   2.    Mark the location so that it can be found later. Coloured tape or paint make easily recognised marker material.

   3.    Inform the property owner, park ranger, prime contractor, site foreman or site supervisor of the find.

   4.    Contact the Police (emergency 000). Inform them that an ammunition item has been found. They will instigate a request for Defence personnel to attend and dispose of the item.

Apart from deliberate disturbance (picking up, playing with, kicking, throwing, etc), there have been no known instances, in Australia, of a UXO injuring a member of the public.

Unrecovered War Casualties 

Unrecovered War Casualties - Army (UWC-A) is responsible for the Australian Army’s official response to matters associated with Australian servicemen who remain unaccounted for from all wars.

Registration on the UWC-A Next of Kin database provides descendants with an opportunity to assist in the identification of soldiers who may be recovered from various sites around the world. Relatives may be asked to provide a family tree showing their relationship to the soldier or they may be asked to provide a DNA sample.

Registered relatives of soldiers receive updates by mail and/or email. Only relatives who are registered will be contacted if the soldier they are related to is located. To register please contact army.uwc [at] (UWC-A) on 1800 019 090.

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