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Unit Shoulder Patch Register

The Unit Shoulder Patch is a variation of the Unit Colour Patch which has its origins from WWI's Unit Colour Patch. Today, the Unit Shoulder Patch is worn in accordance with the Army Dress Manual, on the right side of the Army uniform for Unit identification with the Unit Colour Patch worn on the right side of the slouch hat.

Unit Shoulder Patches reflect unit identification and have background colours and identifiers which indicate where the unit exists within their Chain of Command. Units are encouraged to adopt a patch design that is specific and unique to that unit. Some units have chosen to adopt their approved emblem while others have chosen to use their Unit Colour Patch as their central image, personalising their patch to their unit.

The authority for Unit Shoulder Patches is Director General Personnel – Army as outlined in the Army Dress Manual.



Army HQ


1st Div         Other Services













 Forces Command:

           HQ Forces Command

           HQ 2nd Div

          Training Establishments

          1st Brigade

           3rd Brigade

           4th Brigade

           5th Brigade

           6th Brigade

           7th Brigade

           8th Brigade

           9th Brigade

          11th Brigade

          13th Brigade

          16th Avn Brigade

          17th CSSB

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21 December 2017
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