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In all levels of conflict there will be a requirement for an individual soldier to kill or incapacitate the enemy with firepower.

The use of direct or indirect fire may not be appropriate. The individual soldier requires a weapon which can overcome these deficiencies and be available for immediate use. A hand thrown blast and fragmentation grenade provides this capability. It can be easily carried by individual soldiers so that it is available for immediate use. The flexibility and effectiveness of the section is enhanced if each soldier has the capability to use grenades. Grenades can be classified as an individual weapon for all close combat situations.

The Australian Army’s current in-service grenades are used in all operations; some of these are Coloured Smoke, Anti-riot CS, Stun Multi, Sound and Flash Special Purpose, Incendiary and Fragmentation.

The F1 Fragmentation Grenade is a hand-thrown, anti-personnel grenade. It is effective in the clearing of enemy from bunkers, fire trenches, dugouts and buildings. It can also be used for all types of Close Quarters Battle, urban fighting and ambushing.

Fragmentation - 30 grams of HE mixture and approximately 4000 x 2.5 millimetre steel balls
Weight - 370 grams
Lethal Radius - 6 metres
Casualty Radius - 15 metres
Danger Radius - 30 metres

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21 September 2016
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