AMR 50 cal AW50F

AMR 50 cal AW50F

The AMR is a bolt operated, magazine-fed weapon that fires several types of 12.7mm ammunition with the capability of engaging point targets to a range of 1500 metres.

AMR 50 cal AW50F
AMR 50 cal AW50F
AMR 50 cal AW50F

It has an adjustable bipod and third leg that can be adjusted to fit soldiers’ personal and tactical requirements. It may be fitted with telescopic or iron sights.

Calibre - 12.7 millimetres
Weight - 14.93 kilograms (with loaded five-round magazine)
Length - 135 centimetres
Barrel Length - 692 millimetres
Muzzle velocity - 825 metres per second
Feed - five-round magazine
Effective range - 1500 metres

Ammunition types: 

  • Ball F1
  • Tracer
  • Armour piercing 
  • Armour-piercing incendiary 
  • Multipurpose