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Army's Contribution to Defence Strategy

Army's Contribution to Defence Strategy
4 September 2019

Ready now, future ready

Army’s Contribution to Defence Strategy describes how Army’s teams contribute to the achievement of Strategic Defence Objectives for a safe, secure and prosperous Australia.

Army’s teams have always adapted to new challenges but we are now experiencing changes to the character of warfare at a rate faster than many of our processes and structures were designed for. We have termed this Accelerated Warfare. This focuses our thinking on how our teams prepare for accelerating change, for operations today and into the future.

Army in Motion is our central idea to meet the demands of Accelerated Warfare. Army is designing for change and continuing our proud history of delivering mission success in demanding and dangerous environments. Army is focused on being ready now and future ready to support Defence and the nation.

We are ready now; contributing to the joint and integrated force for today’s global operations, partnering with other armies in our region and responding to disaster, crisis and conflict.

Equally, we are setting the conditions to be future ready. We are increasing our agility and capacity, and introducing new concepts and capabilities. Our training system and workforce will drive these changes.

The foundation of Army in Motion is our ability to form teams. These teams are our competitive advantage and have the attributes of being a credible combat, people and partnered force. Our teams come from One Army, our full and part-time people who have one mission: to prepare land forces for war to defend Australia and its national interests. These teams change their size, capability and concepts over time for new missions and environments.

Army’s people never operate alone. We succeed in uncertainty when we partner with others. This includes our partners in Defence, whole-of-government, other military forces, industry, academia and the Australian community. These partnerships unlock our potential and set the conditions for our teams to do new tasks, in more domains and environments, more often.

This document, and the Aide for Army's Teams, are designed to create shared understanding for how Army contributes to Defence in a time of accelerating change. This understanding sets the foundation for Army’s next iteration of thinking to enhance our future design. We will work through these challenges deliberately and in partnership with others.

Good soldiering.



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5 September 2019
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