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Chief of Army's Strategic Guidance 2019

Chief of Army's Strategic Guidance 2019
28 February 2019

As your Chief of Army, it is my responsibility to ensure the Australian Army is ready now and future ready. This preparedness allows Army to operate on the land, from the land and onto the land, and across all domains to enable Joint Force freedom of action and initiative.

Being ready now means being prepared, trained, educated, equipped and organised for the range of military tasks required by the Australian Government. Being future ready requires continuous modernisation, adaption and transformation when necessary against emerging threats, geopolitical challenges and advances in technology. We are an Army in Motion.

Our operating environment is rapidly changing and the rate of change is accelerating. Forecasting these challenges is critical for decisive military advantage. We must continuously anticipate and actively prepare for our future, not merely react when change arrives. To enable this, we will maintain our posture of being ready now in 2019 while focussing efforts to increase Army’s momentum to be future ready. My Strategic Guidance will be released annually throughout my tenure to set this direction.

This Strategic Guidance will inform Army’s command teams, their mission analysis and subordinate plans. This year, my guidance consolidates our 2018 work which helped define who we are, our command philosophy, the challenges ahead and our response. This guidance also provides the start-state for our thinking as we develop Army’s Strategy and contribute to future plans that will drive investment and force structure decisions. These plans will also be influenced by Army’s ongoing call for a contest of ideas.

In 2019, I need all of our people to continue their active engagement in understanding the changing character of future warfare and Army’s role in it. These ideas will be called upon as we develop Army’s Strategy and remain responsive to the needs of the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Government. I know our people will stretch their minds into the future while remaining prepared for the challenges of today.

Good soldiering.

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28 February 2019
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