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Good Soldiering

Good Soldiering
Good Soldiering is Army’s cultural optimisation program and is fundamental to the success of our warfighting philosophy. It is focussed on fostering an organisational culture that solidifies trust in our Army as a military profession and ensures Army is best able to be ready now and future ready to meet the demands of Accelerated Warfare. Good Soldiering promotes an enduring culture of optimal performance: as individuals, as teams and as an Army.


We are an Army in Motion – required to be both ready now and future ready – a professional fighting force able to meet the challenges identified in Army’s futures statement Accelerated Warfare. As an Army in Motion, we must continuously adapt as our operating environment becomes more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Our success relies on a joint-by-design, partnered-by-approach mindset and warfighting philosophy. As Australia’s Army, we are anchored by trust and our connection to community and country. Preservation of that trust is essential.

Good Soldiering will be achieved through a values-based, mission command approach that empowers leaders and followers to develop optimal Army teams. Good Soldiering’s success will be founded on a platform of trust and built on exemplary character as we live the Army values. It will build on these essential foundations to elevate teaming under the Chief of Army’s four command themes of Preparedness, People, Profession and Potential.

Good Soldiering is reinforced and owned by every member of Army


Accelerated Warfare requires our people to be future ready in an era characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. In this environment, strength of character is a key element of the moral component of fighting power because it sustains our trust in each other and safeguards our legitimacy with the Australian people and our partners.

Strength of character is reflected in our ability to make ethical and moral decisions and remain accountable. It safeguards us against unacceptable and poor behaviour. It is central to ensuring that our Army remains trusted as a national institution, and promotes cohesion in our teams and with our partners. This in turn, enhances our capability as an Army in Motion.

Through Good Soldiering, our people and our teams consolidate their professionalism and competence by demonstrating unwavering strength of character – individually and collectively – at home, in the barracks, in the field and on operations. The good character of our people and our teams is demonstrated by our adherence to the four Army values of courage, initiative, respect and teamwork.

My expectations

Good Soldiering is reinforced and owned by every member of Army. As an Army in Motion, use your initiative to create the culture needed to succeed in an Accelerated Warfare environment.

An optimal Army culture will require us all to continually display strength of character as we live the Army values in the barracks, in the field, at home and on operations. There is more to do, however, to create a culture that assures optimal performance to meet the challenges of Accelerated Warfare. With the resources you have available to you, use your initiative to design innovative outcomes that will create a culture of high performance by actively achieving the team behaviours listed under my four command themes. Encourage those around you to do the same. It is my belief that placing high value in these behaviours will ultimately allow our Army to realise its potential and to seamlessly and quickly form successful teams whenever, wherever and with whomever is required to achieve our mission.

I look forward to actively engaging with you about Good Soldiering during my tenure as Chief of Army. I expect you to understand, apply and live the tenets of Good Soldiering wherever you serve our nation.

Good Soldiering,


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24 January 2020
Army: Courage. Initiative. Respect. Teamwork.
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