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Good Soldiering

Good Soldiering in the Australian Army
15 May 2017

Good Soldiering is the Army’s cultural renewal program and consists of initiatives in leadership, reform, diversity and inclusion, talent management, enabling policy and programs, and preparedness.

The initiatives run in tandem with the ideals our Army has always aspired to – mateship, morale and cooperation – and help us to live our values of courage, initiative, respect and teamwork.

Good Soldiering aims to improve our standards, ensuring our personnel are culturally attuned and disciplined and ensuring that we are agile enough to adapt to future change. 

The program enhances Army’s capability by helping to build more effective, diverse and inclusive teams that can draw on the collective knowledge, experiences and talents of all of our people – enabling us to overcome even the most challenging of obstacles. 

On an individual level, Good Soldiering is also about making sure that everyone in our Army is treated with fairness and respect, has a voice that can be heard and is afforded an equal opportunity for professional success.

The program will continue to evolve over time to meet the changing needs of our Army and our nation to ensure that we will continue to have the best trained, equipped and led soldiers into the future.



Elements of Good Soldiering

Reform Initiatives


Talent Management



Diversity and Inclusion







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13 July 2018
Army: Courage. Initiative. Respect. Teamwork.
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