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Military Police beaming with new equipment

Military Police beaming with new equipment
The domestic policing unit (DPU) at Camp Rocky, Rockhampton, may be manned and run by Military Police, but it is more in line with their civilian counterparts than the traditional image of MPs.

Their role in Exercise Hamel 12 includes general domestic policing within Camp Rocky and the exercise area, as well as maintaining a close liaison with the Queensland Police Service (QPS). 

One new piece of equipment they are using during Exercise Hamel is a speed gun, capable of detecting speeding vehicles up to 1.2 kilometres away. 

Previously, the Military Police used radars based on radio frequency, but the new laser speed measuring device (LSMD), based on laser technology, can deliver a much faster reading bringing MPs in line with civilian police 

The radar is calibrated using a “true speed lidar” at the beginning of each shift to ensure it is true and accurate each time it is used. 

Private Samuel Cheeseman from Bandiana’s DPU is one of the first MPs to use the new LSMD. 

“We aim for the number plate or a flat surface, that the laser can be bounced straight back off,” Private Cheeseman said. 

Sergeant Che Hartley from Canberra’s DPU is one of the MPs providing exercise support and liaison between the military and QPS. 

Part of the liaison process is to work alongside the QPS to provide traffic control measures around Rockhampton and the Shoalwater Bay Training Area. 

“The new speed camera will be used on the base and on the roads in and out of the exercise space, to ensure military vehicles and drivers keep to the road transport limits,” Sergeant Hartley said.

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22 September 2016
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