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Hamel personnel donate more than time

Hamel personnel donate more than time
With stocks across Australia critically low, Army personnel preparing for Exercise Hamel have taken time out to donate some much needed blood.

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service needs blood and blood products. 

Australian Red Cross Blood Service representative Rachael Speechley stressed the need to donate. “Blood and blood products are used not only for emergency situations, but are also used to help cancer and leukaemia patients, burns victims, people undergoing surgery and pregnant women – to name a few. 

“We need around 27 000 donations every week and currently we are just not getting that.” 

Recognising the need to support the Red Cross Blood Service, Camp Commandant of Rockhampton Garrison, Major Andrew McShane organised buses to take volunteers to and from the blood bank. 

“We have always received great support from the Army whenever there has been an exercise in Rockhampton, and so far around twenty soldiers have come down to donate,” Ms Speechley said. 

Cargo Specalist, Private Tony Charlwood, is a regular blood donor. 

“I first gave blood when I was in East Timor in 2008. We had a register of blood types, so if any one type was desperately needed we could donate. We’re pretty busy, but I thought I’d come in today because I heard they needed blood; it’s good to give back to the community” he said. 

For more information about donating blood call 131495 or

Last updated
22 September 2016
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