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Being Vocal

Being Vocal
During our community events the Australian Army bands often perform for the soldiers and local residents. Read about how Private Eliza Dickson found her voice.

Private Eliza Dickson of Flagstaff Hill, Adelaide joined the Army band as a vocalist in 2014, following her sister’s Army footsteps.

“My sister is a Lieutenant posted to Wagga Wagga, Kapooka as a Platoon Commander,” she says.

“I am currently studying a Bachelor of Music Jazz Performance and being a reservist musician gives me the opportunity to develop in my career.

“I have made a lot of new contacts and friends in the Army and having job security is great”.

Musician Dickson says the Army band rehearse every Tuesday night and she enjoys putting her training to practice during local events.

“It's about getting out into the community and performing for the public and representing Defence,” she says.

“A lot of the time civilians don't see Defence members, it's important for us to give the community a good impression of Defence and make sure that they're aware of what we do and what we stand for”.

Local Whyalla residents enjoyed Private Dickson’s voice as they visited the men and women of the 1st Aviation Regiment, 1st Brigade and 7th Brigade at the Whyalla Open Day on 24 June, for the Australian Army's Exercise Hamel.

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22 September 2016
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