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Hamel ER

Hamel ER
The emergency health support for exercise Hamel is provided by specialist Army personnel, such as Captain Roslyn Glass. Read about her story and the Hamel E.R.

Captain Roslyn Glass is the officer in charge of the emergency department at the lead medical facility on Exercise Hamel.

Originally from Adelaide, her Army career has taken her overseas as well as various locations across Australia.  

"Both of my mother's parents were in the Australian Defence Force. They served out of Western Australia and they ended up retiring in Toowoomba. They were both in the Army," said Captain Glass. 

"I played netball as a kid and I've carried that on into my Defence career. I've played for the South-East Queensland combined services team. I also love stand-up paddle boarding in the waterways around Brisbane."

Captain Glass joined the Army 21 years ago, after leaving school. She enlisted as a Signaller, specialising in Electronic Warfare, before transferring to the Royal Australian Nursing Corps in 2007.

“After a couple of overseas deployments I thought I wanted to give back to people so I decided to study nursing." she said.

"As the OIC (Officer-in-Charge) I have roughly 22 people working for me both in the emergency department and the evacuation department. We have three ambulance teams and two full resuscitation teams with doctors, nurses and medics."

"We are working in a pretty austere environment, so getting the right equipment to the patient at the right time can be a challenge. Despite that, we’ve had a couple of very sick patients come through here and we’ve been able to stabilize them and get them to the right facility in the right amount of time so they made a full recovery quite quickly. It's rewarding seeing the difference we make."

With several deployments behind her, Captain Glass has also found ways to keep in touch with her family when she is away on exercise or overseas. She is married with two daughters, aged 8 and 12.  

"I've deployed a few times. I had a two year exchange program with the Navy so went through many south-east Asian countries on board HMAS Australia, New Castle, Success and Manoora and I've recently returned from Iraq last year where I was deployed as a Nurse for seven months," she said.

“When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family a lot, take my dog out for a run or walk and go paddle boarding as often as I can."

“My family are constantly messaging me - we talk about the good things that happen every day. I'm really looking forward to spending some time with them." 

Last updated
22 September 2016
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