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Inspired by the past

Inspired by the past

Private Pamela Amber, a driver at the 3 Combat Signal Regiment never realised that an Army exercise would present her with an opportunity to be inspired by the role of Indigenous people in Australia’s military history.

She took a break from Exercise Hamel to visit the opening night of the photographic exhibition ‘Indigenous Australians at War: From the Boer War to the present’ at the Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery on 07 July.

“The exhibition captured images of Indigenous Australians throughout their military experience in the Boer War, First World War,Second World War, Korea and Vietnam Wars and peacekeeping operations,” Private Amber says.

“What really came throughout the photos was the readiness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders to enlist beside white Australians to fight abroad for their country and for the British Empire.

“I was proud to see the images portrayed the dignity and pride of Aboriginal Australians as they have taken their place in protecting their country in wartime and celebrates the courage, tenacity and resourcefulness of Indigenous Australians in the armed forces,” she says.

Private Amber was in South Australia’s Cultana training area as part of Exercise Hamel, the Army’s biggest annual joint exercise designed to test and evaluate the Army’s 1st Brigade to ensure they are ready for operational contingencies ranging from humanitarian assistance through to major combat operations as they enter the ‘ready’ stage of the Force Generation Cycle.

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22 September 2016
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