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Exercise Talisman Sabre

Exercise Talisman Sabre (or Saber) is a biennial combined Australian and United States (US) training activity often including other allied forces, designed to train our respective military force elements in planning and conducting Combined Task Force operations to improve the combat readiness and interoperability between the ADF and its allies.

Talisman Sabre is a biennial exercise led by either Australia or the United States with the spelling alternating depending on which country is leading: Talisman Sabre if Australia leads and Talisman Saber if the US leads.

It is a major combined (ie international) and joint (ie Army, Navy and Air Force and Marines) exercise involving thousands of troops on land, sea and in the air and major assets such as Australian and allied warships, fighters, bombers, helicopters and armour and artillery. 

This exercise is a major undertaking that reflects the closeness of our alliance and the strength of the ongoing military-military relationship and forms part of the ADF’s extensive training program to ensure it is prepared to protect and support Australia and its national interests. The exercise also contributes to the ability of Australian and US military forces to work together efficiently and safely. During Talisman Saber 2017, New Zealand, Canadian and Japanese troops also participated in the exercise which saw 30,000 personnel deployed to Australian training areas and conducting the largest amphibious landing by Australian forces since WWII.

Exercise Talisman Sabre/Saber is conducted at designated ADF training facilities primarily throughout Queensland (but may also include training areas interstate), and in adjacent maritime and airspace areas of the Coral Sea. Key sites include the Shoalwater Bay Training Area (Central Queensland), Townsville Field Training Area, port facilities in Queensland (Brisbane, Gladstone and Alma Ports). 


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15 December 2017
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