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Army and Diggerworks
Diggerworks was established in 2011 to improve the delivery of capability to the Australian Soldier - the Digger. Since that time, Diggerworks has provided outstanding capability solutions for the warfighter, developing proven solutions such as the Tiered Body Armour System (TBAS), the large field pack and years worth of other solutions that have materially benefited those who go in harms way.

Diggerworks resides within Integrated Soldier Systems Branch (ISSB), Land Systems Division (LSD), Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG). Diggerworks is a direct command unit of ISSB, which provides all management and governance functions and is the key LSD Branch for the interaction between Diggerworks and the relevant CASG Systems Program Offices (SPO).

Diggerworks Mission

Diggerworks is to identify, develop and integrate Soldier Combat System (SCS) solutions to enhance the capability of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Land Combat.

Land Combatants are generally tiered:

  • Tier 1 - Specialist
  • Tier 2 - Close Combatants
  • Tier 3 - General Combatant.

Diggerworks also have a critical relationship with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) elements that are routinely required to conduct operations on land that require the use of SCS capabilities, such as RAN Boarding parties and RAAF Air Defence Guards. These other ADF Land Combatant communities are grouped under Army as the Capability Manager.

Diggerworks Articles

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'Diggerworks - Driving innovation and effectiveness in the defence sector, A study of success' by Peter Ceban and Danny Samson describes the establishment of Diggerworks in an innovative new procurement model in the Australian Defence sector which created significant value to a number of key stakeholders, most notably the front-line soldier in the field.

Contact: Diggerworks [at] (Diggerworks)

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20 March 2017
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