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Ballistic & Protective Elements (BPE)

  • Modernisation of tiered Body Armoured System (TBAS) for next generation
  • TBAS sizing system to be able to incorporate 5 - 95% of Australian Defence Force (ADF) population
  • Body armour - protection level, functionality
  • Helmet systems - protection level and functionality.


Load Carriage Equipment (LCE)

  • Develop LCE options to ensure that the ADF's SCE remain leading edge
  • Adaptive acquisition approach
  • Identify and trial improvements for the soldier system
  • Load Carriage Enhancements.


Dismounted Electronic Systems (DES)

  • COTS/MOTS Dismounted Electronic System options to reduce weight, space and power burden system
  • Development of the Generic Soldier Architecture
  • Integration with ADF C41 systems and structures
  • Ensure the soldier is a key consideration of new technologies.


Soldier Configuration

  • Functional Baseline Analysis
  • Current capability, gaps and the requirements for the next 'step' change in SCS.


Armoured Fighting Systems and Modernisation

  • Integrated soldier system for Land400 platforms and structures
  • Army Headquarters SCS Program Modernisation Initiatives.



Last updated
8 December 2016
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