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Diggerworks Mission

Diggerworks is to identify, develop and integrate Soldier Combat System (SCS) solutions to enhance the capability of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Land Combatant by conducting the following critical functions:

  • close engagement with soldiers and commanders to identify SCS capability gaps
  • leverage industry to identify SCS capability trends and emerging technologies
  • maintain an agile, adaptive, responsive and rigorous approach to problem solving that harnesses Diggerworks unique, multi-disciplinary team
  • focus on short to medium term (0-3 years) SCS capability solutions
  • integrate components and contribute to Army's informed control over the configuration of SCS
  • maintain an active engagement with similar organisations, allies and regional partners
  • contribute to the broader, Army led, modernisation of the SCS. 


Diggerworks represents the first step in the development of a more responsive and adaptive acquisition approach which incorporates rapid feedback and modification of equipment. it will continue to be involved with units to ensure they get the best possible equipment in time. Longer term, it will help to develop requirements and shape the evolution of future soldier systems, and ensure a properly integrated approach whilst maintaining the optimum balance of protection, weight, comfort and usability. 

Diggerworks works primarily for all combat soldiers with a focus on the Land Combatant; broadly, any role that involves seeking out and closing with the enemy. Diggerworks is equipped to liaise with all Army combatants, including combat medics, forward observers, infantry soldiers, vehicle crewman or combat engineers.

Diggerworks is interested in providing capability to the Land Combatant that could use to apply lethal or non-lethal effects, communicate and gain situational awareness, survive, sustain,move and operate as part of a team within the close combat environment.  

Our focus is to identify ways to reduce the weight of soldier equipment, whilst ensuring protection and integration with other systems such as section radios and load carriage equipment is maintained. 

We achieve this across five programs plus enabling lines of effort:

  • Load Carriage Equipment Design and Development
  • Soldier Protection Elements Design and Development
  • Dismounted Electronic Systems (Soldier Power and Data Management)
  • Soldier Combat System Configuration Management
  • Mounted Soldier Systems and Modernisation
  • Adaptive Acquisition and Industry Engagement
  • System Integration and Integration Assessments
  • DSTG Reasearch and Development. 
Last updated
8 December 2016
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