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Latest Australian Army Journal (AAJ)

Volume XIV, Number 2, Cyber-Warfare Special Edition
29 November 2018

With the rise in cyber-crime and attacks on government institutions through the introduction of malware, to the influencing of populations through disinformation, understanding how attacks on connectivity will shape the cyber-domain will benefit the warfighter.

This special edition of the Australian Army Journal - Cyber Warfare - provides some insights into how the Australian Army might understand and deal with this new component of warfare in the virtual battlespace.

To read the Australian Army Journal Cyber-Warfare special edition, click here.



Another special edition of the Australian Army Journal covering the Chief of Army's Land Forces Seminar is currently in edit and will be released soon.

We are also calling for papers for a Special Edition on Urban Warfare to be published in 2019. You can find more details from Dr Charles Knight here.

Notes for Contributors can be found at this page.

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29 November 2018
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