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Army produces doctrine publications and procedural manuals for use in all Army formations and schools. Land Doctrine at Army Knowledge Centre manages the Army Reference Library on behalf of the Chief of Army to ensure all publications are relevant, produced in a timely manner and are accessible for all users. Land Doctrine publishes current UNCLASSIFIED doctrine on this site to improve accessibility to doctrine.

Military Doctrine is the fundamental principles by which military forces guide their actions in support of national objectives. It is authoritative but requires judgement in its application. Derived from a mixture of operational experience, observation and applied thought, doctrine is general in nature and describes fundamentals, principles and preconditions of military operations at the different operational levels.

Capstone Doctrine

LWD 1 The Fundamentals of Land Power

Land Warfare Doctrine Box of Books

LWD 1-0 Personnel

LWD 2-0 Intelligence

LWD 3-0 Operations

LWD 4-0 Logistics

LWD 5-0 Planning

LWD 6-0 Signals

LWD 7-0 Training and Education

Given below are the current UNCLASSIFIED Army doctrine publications:-

LWD 1-2 Health Support

LWD 3-0-1 Counterinsurgency

LWD 3-0-3 Formation Tactics (Interim)

LWD 3-3-1 Employment of Army Aviation

LWD 3-3-4 Employment of Armour

LWD 3-3-7 Employment of Infantry

LWD 3-4-1 Employment of Artillery

LWD 3-6-1 Employment of Engineers

LWD 3-8-6 Civil-Military Cooperation

LWD 7-5-3 Non-Military Forces and Organisations Operational Models

LWP-G 1-1-3 Postal Support

LWP-G 3-9-6 Operations in Urban Environments

D/N 1-2017 Safety Responsibilities of Umpires

LWP-G 7-0-1 The Conduct of Training

LWP-G 7-1-2 The Instructor's Handbook

LWP-G 7-5-1 Musorian Armed Forces - Organisations and Equipment

LWP-G 7-5-2 Musorian Armed Forces - Land Operations, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

LWP-G 7-7-5 Drill


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Launch of the Land Warfare Doctrine Box of Books

The Land Warfare Doctrine Box of Books comprises of eight Land Warfare Doctrine publications that describe how the Australian Army thinks about its preparation for, and conduct of, war.

Development of this integrated series of publications form part of an ongoing program of doctrine reform and reinvigoration, a key recommendation of The Ryan Review – A Study of Army’s Education, Training and Doctrine Needs for the Future.

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12 April 2018
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