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Aide memoire

The purpose of The Australian Army: An Aide Memoire is to provide an introduction to the Australian Army, its tasks, capability, structure and training systems.

Designed for those familiar with Defence but not necessarily the internal detail of the Army, the Aide Memoire describes how Army employs its people, equipment and other components of capability to provide Land Power as part of the Australian Defence Force.

The document then describes the capability employed in the variety of units within Army through a summary of the structure and key equipment employed.  Underpinning capability are people, and the training that is delivered to provide soldiers and officers with the skills necessary to succeed on operations.

The Aide Memoire also provides a summary of the role of Ranks, Corps and Employment Categories in Army.

Download the Australian Army: An Aide Memoire (pdf, 3.6Mb)

Last updated
22 December 2016
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