Meet Army's blood ambassador for 2020

Meet Army's blood ambassador for 2020

Army's blood ambassador for 2020, Deputy Chief of Army Major General Anthony Rawlins, DSC, AM.

Major General Anthony Rawlins, Army's blood ambassador for 2020
Major General Anthony Rawlins
Major General Anthony Rawlins, Army's blood ambassador for 2020

The Australian Army has a special relationship with the community. We are part of the community and we work in and for the community. The result is a partnership built on shared interests, cooperation, and trust. In 2020 our partnership with our community is more important than ever.

We often define this special relationship in terms of the steadfast support and assistance we provide during times of disaster. The work of Army during Operation Bushfire Assist highlighted our value during disasters, but it is important to understand that this is not the only way we contribute. There are many other ways we make a difference that are less visible but just as critically important to the Australian community.

Each year, a large number of Australians are provided with donated blood products, such as whole blood or plasma, to treat injury or illness. Current events will not change this requirement and could even reduce the availability of this vital resource. There is an ongoing need for fit and healthy individuals to give up a small amount of their time to make a donation. As an Army in the community and for the community, I believe this a fundamental way for us to make a difference.

Throughout this year, I will take time to attend my local blood donor centre because I believe it is an important contribution for all of us to make.

My message to every soldier is that I want you to consider donating. Your donation is potentially life changing – potentially lifesaving.

My direction to commanders is simple – support your people to support our community.

Where possible, enable your subordinates to undertake this worthwhile endeavour.

For further information on donating blood, visit the Red Cross website.