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Positive Identification

Positive Identification

How will I know if my relative is identified?

Unrecovered War Casualties - Army will contact each registered relative of named soldiers once identity has been established. The notification will initially be by telephone, then confirmed in writing.

What will I have to do if my relative is found?

If identity is established, the family of the soldier will need to determine the inscription to be placed on the headstone.

What can we put on the headstone?

As a family you will need to provide the following information:

  • Names of the soldier's parents
  • Name of the soldier's widow (if applicable)
  • A religious emblem relevant to the soldier's beliefs, such as a cross or the Star of David
  • Inscription - the family may choose to have a personal inscription to a maximum of four lines of 25 characters each.
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22 September 2016
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