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What is meant by the term 'recovery'?

Recovery is the term used to explain the operation to archaeologically excavate remains. During recovery all soldiers' remains are meticulously uncovered, recovered and catalogued, along with any associated artefacts.

Who undertakes excavation work?

In most situations Unrecovered War Casualties - Army (UWC-A) will conduct the excavation work, often with the assistance of local labour and representatives of the host nation. UWC-A calls upon our archaeologists, anthropologists, forensic odontologists (dentists), researchers, historians, and biomolecular experts to conduct this important field work.

How many sets of remains have UWC-A recovered to date?

UWC-A has recovered over 300 sets of human remains, from all over the globe. There are still about 35, 000 Australians with no known grave from World Wars I and II and Korea. UWC-A will continue to investigate new cases as new information emerges.

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22 September 2016
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