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When are the soldier's remains buried?

When the investigation is complete and the remains are confirmed as Australian, the Army will bury them in accordance with the procedures that existed at the time the soldier was killed. Once an appropriate grave in a Commonwealth War Cemetery has been identified, and if the soldier has been identified by name, his family will be consulted and planning will commence. There is no set time frame for this process.

Where are the recovered soldiers buried?

World War I and World War II Australian soldiers are laid to rest alongside their fallen mates in the nearest Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery in the country in which they died.

Australian soldiers killed during the Korea War are laid to rest alongside their fallen mates in the United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Busan, South Korea.

Can burial occur before identification?

Occasionally we will need to inter soldiers as an 'Unknown Australian Soldier', whilst we seek to identify them. This is so we can ensure that their dignity is preserved at all times.

Can I attend the burials?

Family members and veterans are welcome to attend the burials.

How are the burials conducted?

Military funerals are conducted by the Australian Army for every soldier. Where we are able to accommodate the wishes of families, they will be respected.

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14 September 2017
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