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Pins approved for general duty dress

Soldiers may wear an approved charity badge, pin, poppy or ribbon when wearing Disruptive Pattern Camouflage Uniform or other orders of general duty dress provided the policy within the Army Dress Manual is applied, according to Regimental Sergeant Major Ceremonial (RSM-C) – Army Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) David Lehr.

RSM-C said a charity badge, pin, poppy or ribbon was not to be worn with ceremonial orders of dress.

Although altering the basic design of the uniform is forbidden, the manual allows for approved items to be worn at specific times of the year for commemorative purposes or to show support for a charity.

“The uniform may be altered on special occasions by attaching an approved poppy, badge, ribbon or pin on or above the left breast pocket or on the left lapel of the shirt collar,” he said.

Importantly, only one such item can be worn on the uniform at any time.

WO1 Lehr said the details of when and where soldiers could wear an approved badge, pin, poppy or ribbon were outlined in chapter one of the Army Dress Manual published last year.

“If members are involved in authorised charitable activities, they are to uphold their appearance and maintain the reputation and standards of the Australian Army,” he said.

When to wear it 

Wearing a poppy, pin, badge or ribbon is only authorised at the following times:

Anzac Day – April 25, including the week of April 25 – poppy or Legacy badge.

Remembrance Day – November 11, including the week of November 11 – poppy or Legacy badge.

Legacy Week – poppy or Legacy badge.

Pink Ribbon Day – last Monday in October, including the remainder of that week – Pink Ribbon.

Reconciliation Week – May 27 to June 3 – Army Indigenous Pin.

NAIDOC Week – first or second week of July – Army Indigenous Pin.

Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade – first Saturday in March, including the week before the parade – Army Pride Pin.

White Ribbon Day – November 25, including the week of November 25 – White Ribbon.

Last updated
23 June 2016
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