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SERCAT 5 Careers

Career Advisory Group Locations
Service Category 5 are members of the Reserves who provide a contribution to capability that extends across financial years. Members in SERCAT 5 are provided with career management oversight (e.g. receive performance appraisals, career development and training) and will normally be posted to fulfil an established position.

If you are a SERCAT 5 member the following information provides the best point of contact for your career advice.

If you are an Officer

For LTCOL and above and for the following corps: AAAVN, AALC, AAPRS, AAPSYCH, RAACHD, RAADC, RAAEC, RAAMC, RAAPC, RACMP. Please contact drocma.cagsupport [at]

For all other SERCAT 5 Officer enquires, please contact your closest regional Career Advisor Group.

Region Email
Northern Region [at]
Eastern Region [at]
Southern Region [at]
Central West Region cag.cwr [at]



If you are a Soldier

For all soldier enquiries, please contact: drscma.cagspt [at]

Last updated
14 November 2019
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