The Longest War - The Australian Army in Afghanistan.
Interactive Documentary on the stories of our soldiers from Afghanistan, Australia's Longest War.

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‘The Longest War – The Australian Army in Afghanistan’ is an interactive documentary spanning the 10 long years the Australian Army fought in Afghanistan as narrated by David Wenham.
The interactive website was designed to present the story of Austrlaian soldiers in a modern and engaging way, that would be accessible across multiple platforms.

Jason Trembath - Transmedia Producer; Interactive Designer and Developer, User Interface Design, Interactive Website Concept by Jason Trembath.

Graphics and Treatments by Gerry Haggerty Military Content Research and Collection Brig Don Roach (retd) AM Jason Trembath Captain David Gillies Adobe Edge Animate CC

Interactive Website produced by Jason Trembath - Outlier Studio: Film, Transmedia and Interactive

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Editors Kim Moodie Geraldine Crown Fiona Strain Original Music Guy Gross Titles and Graphics Gerry Haggerty SPR Roisin Armstrong Sound Mix Phil Judd Narration Record Tony Murtagh Editing Assistants Kirann Narang Jorge Farre Joshua Phillipps Transcripts Clever Types Project Manager MAJ Jonathan Powell Project Officer CAPT Jay Douglas Production Assistants LT Sally Ducat LT Tahlia Glen SGT Aimee Isbister CPL David Eason LCPL Shannon Gordon SPR Kerry Uilderks SPR Roisin Armstrong SPR Amy Cassidy Footage supplied by: Defence Media Unit
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CAPT James Fanning DSM
LTCOL Kahlil Fegan DSC
PTE Andrew Fox-Lane
CAPT Daniel Fussell
BRIG Shane Gabriel DSC
WO2 Shaun Gibbons
LTGEN Ken Gillespie (retd) AO DSC CSM
MAJGEN Peter Gilmore AO DSC
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LTCOL Jason Groat DSM
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Video Series Produced by Army Learning Production Centre (ALPC)
"The Longest War” The Australian Army in Afghanistan. Official Interactive Documentary on the Afghanistan war. Their story, our story - for the first time in our words. #AustraliasLongestWar
The Longest War, The Australian Army in Afghanistan. Official Interactive Documentary on the Afghanistan war. Their story, our story - for the first time in our words. #AustraliasLongestWar"