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Terrorism and Mental Health: Psychopathology & Terrorist Behaviour

Event Date: 
Thursday, 15 March, 2018 - 11:00
Event Location: 

R1 Theatrette Russell Offices, Canberra

Studies examining mental disorder and terrorist involvement have a convoluted history. Early studies were correctly debunked on methodological grounds, but the existing consensus, that mental disorder never plays a role in terrorism, is likely to be false when we consider the complexity and diversity of the problem. Instead, there are likely to be a range of mental disorders across the arc of terrorist involvement. This work addresses the current discord in the understanding of the potential role of psychopathology, and re-examines well accepted, but as yet untested, theories of terrorist behaviour.

Dr Emily Corner

SPEAKER - Dr Emily Corner is a Lecturer of Criminology at the ANU, and previously a researcher at UCL, working on projects examining lone and group-based terrorism, radicalisation, mass murderers, and fixated individuals. Her doctoral research focused on examining mental disorders and terrorist behaviour, and won the 2016 Terrorism Research Initiative’s Best Thesis Award.

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