Australian Army Flying Museum

Established in 1982, the Australian Army Flying Museum’s aircraft displays include:

  • full scale replicas of pre-First World War Beleriot, Deperdussin and Box Kite
  • First World War Sopwith Camel, and Fokker DR1 triplane
  • Auster Mk 3
  • Bell 47 - Sioux
  • Cessna Birddog
  • CAC Winjeel
  • CT4 Airtrainer
  • AS350B Squirrel
  • Bell 206 – Kiowa
  • Pilatus PC-6 Porter
  • GAF Nomad
  • UH-1H – Iroquois
  • S70A-9 Black Hawk
  • CH47D Chinook.

Other displays include artefacts, memorabilia and photographs from all eras, including that of the Royal Australian Air Force No 6 Aircraft Depot, which occupied Oakey Airfield during the Second World War.

Donations of memorabilia and historical artefacts are gratefully accepted in accordance with the museum’s collection policy.  

The museum relies heavily on the efforts of volunteers. Please contact the museum for further information.

Opening hours

The museum is open from Wednesday to Saturday, 10 am to 3 pm.


Guided tours are available for the Display Hangar on request.