Australian Army Infantry Museum

The Australian Army Infantry Museum is the custodian of Infantry Corps history and its customs and traditions. The museum collection ranges from the colonial armies and their first deployments overseas in the 19th Century through to today’s diggers.

Gallipoli, Passchendaele, Kokoda and Long Tan are all brought to life. Also showcased are less familiar deployments like the New South Wales Marine Light Infantry deployment to Peking in 1900, and the 1993 Cambodian peacekeeping mission of the platoon from 2nd/4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. 

The museum’s displays are divided into two main spaces. The lower floor features exhibitions that focus on the history of operations from Sudan in 1885 through to Afghanistan. 

The mezzanine level features the ‘tools of the trade’ that include small arms and their associated training aids. The display depicts how the equipment has changed and developed and how these changes have influenced the tactics, techniques and procedures of the Regiments of the Royal Australian Infantry Corps.

Donations of memorabilia and historical artefacts are gratefully accepted in accordance with the museum’s collection policy.  

The museum relies heavily on the efforts of volunteers. Please contact the museum for further information.

Opening hours

The museum is open:

  • Wednesday to Sunday 9 am to 4 pm
  • other times by appointment.