Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships

Army partners with other organisations and our communities to share information, explore new ideas, be more creative and learn from others. Army enhances its reputation and increases capability by being open, transparent and willing to learn.

Strategic partnerships, led by Army on behalf of the Department of Defence, are generally between Army and a similar sized national institution or organisation.

Local partnerships are characterised by proximity, mutual benefit and community spirit between Army units and their local community.

Australian Institute of Sport Logo

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

The purpose of partnership between the Department of Defence, led by Army, and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) is to advance national interest through cooperation, collaboration and optimisation of human performance in the physical, cognitive and socio-cultural dimensions to ensure Australian soldiers and athletes are capable, resilient and high performing individuals and teams.
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BHP Australia

The purpose of partnership between Defence and BHP, led by Army, is to advance Australia’s national interest, collaborating and increasing the value of each organisations human capability.