The Fromelles Project

The Fromelles Project

The identification of soldiers lost at the Battle of Fromelles has been a priority of the Fromelles Project team. One hundred and twenty four Australian soldiers have been identified by name through the use of DNA technology, forensic science and historical data.

Each identification enable the Commonwealth War Grave Commission to erect a new headstone at the Fromelles (Pheasant Wood) Military Cemetery bearing a soldier’s name that brings closure to another family. 

The Fromelles Project
The Fromelles Project

The identification of soldiers has been made possible by the Fromelles Project team establishing a register of relatives and descendants of Australian soldiers killed at Fromelles. More than 3000 people are registered on the Australian Fromelles Relatives Database and almost 1000 individuals have provided DNA samples for analysis. 

Unrecovered War Casualties – Army are collecting information about First Australian Imperial Force soldiers 

  • who fought in the Battle of Fromelles, 
  • whose date of death is listed between 19 - 20 July 1916, and 
  • whose grave is listed as unknown. 

If you have a relative that fits this profile, please register with the Australian Fromelles Relatives Database. Personal details will not be released, or used for purposes other than the identification of soldiers at Fromelles, unless express permission is granted by individuals.

Email the UWC unit to register for the Australian Fromelles Relatives Database. 

Each year the project’s Data Analysis Team examines forensic and artefact evidence, historical information, anthropological data, and DNA testing and matching in an attempt to identify the remaining unnamed soldiers. Following this examination, the Data Analysis Team prepares recommendations for the Joint Identification Board. 

The Joint Identification Board, made up of appointed officials from the Australian and United Kingdom military, as well as forensic advisers, convenes to consider all available evidence and reviews the recommendations of the Data Analysis Team.