Remains discovered at Eora Creek, 2011

Remains discovered at Eora Creek, 2011

In July 2011 Unrecovered War Casualties – Army travelled to Eora Creek, Papua New Guinea after claims in the media that the remains of an Australian Serviceman had been located by locals and a trekking company.

Unrecovered War Casualties – Army recovered the remains of an adult male in a remote location referred to by locals as the Lost Battlefield. The remains had, on at least one other occasion been partially uncovered. 

At the time of the excavation and recovery Unrecovered War Casualties – Army were able to establish from examination of the remains that the soldier had been placed in the grave not long after death. 

After the recovery, the remains and a number of small artefacts were taken back to Port Moresby to be examined by forensic specialists. They measured and photographed every bone and recorded the details. 

The artefacts were examined by experts in military equipment who were able to confirm that they were consistent with items of Japanese origin and typical of those carried by Japanese soldiers during the Kokoda campaign. 

DNA analysis of the remains supported the conclusions of the anthropologists and odontologist that the remains were those of a Japanese soldier His remains were transferred to Japanese officials in Port Moresby Papua New Guinea in November 2012.